How to test the electric bike motor

How to test the quality of electric bike motor

There are 8 control lines for the electric bike brushless motor. 

5 small line and 3 big line.

The red and black small lines are the positive and negative poles of the three Hall elements in the electric bike motor. 

The other three are the output terminals of the three Hall elements. Disconnect this controlled plug and insert only the red and black wires. 

Connect a multimeter with a DC voltage of 10 volts and a red line to the red line.

The black is connected to the other three wires, one at a time, and the wheel is rotated by an angle. 

The multimeter should have a voltage of 4V and 0v, which is normal, otherwise it is abnormal, and the three are measured by the same method. 

As normal, the control inside the motor is good. The other three thick dots are the motor wires. 

As long as there is a resistance between the wires and the wires and the resistance values are small, it can be judged that electric bike motor is good.